Saturday, December 24, 2011

I can't express it much better than this

In one of those moments that you may not understand unless of course, you have aspergers, anxiety, and the level of adult ADD that I have ... I accidentally ran into this blog earlier today when what I STARTED to do was compile my list of 10 physical abilities I am grateful for (The Gratitude Challenge).
As usual... I was off on an hour long tangent before I had even completed number one.
Which, by the way is my eyesight.
I am extremely grateful for my eyesight.
I just had the thought... good thing I haven't gotten past #1 ... that eyesight is not actually a physical ABILITY.
Strength, flexibility, the ability to run, jump... great coordination... those are abilities ....
Eyesight is related to physical functional ability. Motor skill development... hand-to-eye coordination...Though perhaps I am just thinking physical skill level.
I return to my post.
The post... is about ... oh! digressing from task.
As most of my posts do... or refer to...
As I was listing #1, in which I am grateful for my eyesight. I felt the need to research a bit and find out what the thought was back in the 60's about so-called lazy eye. Not 100% convinced this was my issue, still I wore glasses from the time I was six years old until I had lasik surgery about four years ago. Most of my life I was convinced I would eventually be blind.
of course, there is still life to live and the possibility remains open.
As a child, however, I expected to become blind before reaching adulthood.
Researching amblyopia led me to many sites, several blogs and yes, finally to a blog that caused me to have the thinking I referred to in the first sentence of this post.
(with me?)
Where was I? On my own blog page? As I read I kept scrolling up and down (Aspects of Aspergers) to see who wrote the post: What it's like to receive an asperger diagnosis as an adult. Sure I had not (well, of course, don't we know what we've written) - yet, somewhat unsure as the words so well explained many things I've experienced or felt since understanding - nay - I may never understand - since acknowledging... I have aspergers.
I'm 50 and just found this out?
True, it did not become a diagnosis until 1994.
True too I have always been labeled as odd..weird..strange...different. That's just by my mom.
Read the post... I'll write more as soon as I am able... it is Christmas Eve after all.

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