Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rain Lily!

Back in 2010 I posted this message on the FB wall of the Native Plant Society of Texas:
I wonder if you can help me identify a plant. or help me find a place that can ... It's probabaly not native to Texas, however. I brought it with me from Califrnia. Bought originally from University Nursery in Moreno Valley, CA in 1983, they called it a "Mexican grass plant". Over the years I've tried numerous nurseries and no one knows what it is. Thanks! ツ 

Pic posted to Native Plant Society of Texas
was still there!  These are my little plants
before last summer's drought took them.
Apparently I missed the reply, because just now I clicked in to see if the photo of the plant was still there ...

This little plant, that I've had for 29 years and is the only thing I brought from California - has been identified! Patsy Ann Bell tells me what it is, and includes a link to the site where she purchased hers!
Why it's the rain lily! They sprout after rains (August thru September mostly), come from bulbs, and have naturalized here in Texas. I purchased my bulbs from:

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