Monday, October 24, 2011

Del Taco in Texas

It's true... Del Taco has opened locations in McTexas.

A few weeks ago my son came home with the oh so familiar bag.

I could smell the cheese. He handed me this little packet of the mild sauce I'd been so desperate for family members to send me in the mail.

Still, I doubted him.

Had a friend just flown in from California perhaps and brought the food with him?

Not unheard of.

I like to make a stop when traveling - driving or flying - to ensure the last meal out is my favorite green burrito.

My son assured me it was no joke. He'd been at a get-together and spotted the fast food restaurant on Hwy 380 as he was headed home. Knowing that despite rarely eating (happily) at any other fast food places - I truly do crave Del Taco - he stopped for me.

A perpetually broke student, he had only a few dollars to his name.

It made no difference. While they do offer usual menu item fare, they continue to carry the budget conscious 99 cent items and of course, that distinct little packet of mild red sauce.

Del taco in McTexas. We've been here 6 years and I've griped for - 6 years about the unrequited yearnings.

I recently needed to run an errand which took me up towards 380, so I naturally made a short uh, 12-13 mile detour to stop by and personally visit this newly launched fast food establishment.

I ordered over $20.00 worth of green burritos. Well sure I did! They can be warmed up easily and after a six year dry spell, I have no problem eating the same item several days in a row.

As I waited for my order to be prepared, I strolled over to the self serve sauce - packet n' napkin counter. Heh heh... I expected I could get more than the usual three packets per burrito of red sauce if I self served.

Holy mother of a refried bean. I saw that counter and could not believe my eyes.

Cups. Fill-up-yourself cups for sauce!

Before I could contain myself I had indeed filled up one of those little cups.

And oh the memories that brought back!

Back in the 80's when our neighborhood Del Taco first opened up in California, a friend and I had a set Saturday routine.

Laundry before our moms could hassle us about it, wash our cars before our dads could hassle us about that, then shower, suit up and drive thru Del Taco to get green burritos to take to the beach.

Back then the sauce came in little tubs, much like what-a-burger's ketchup tubs (if you're in Texas and familiar with what-a-burger).

No tearing and squeezing endless packets. Just dipping that burrito right in.

I decided to fill a second when the thought came to me ... I wonder ... did they have a ... larger container?

I asked. The most congenial young man behind the counter I've ever encountered bagging up food told me ... yes! and handed me what seemed like a small soup bowl with a lid so that I could fill and fill to my heart's content.

And fill I did.

Oh yes, I got home and enjoyed two of those burritos that very night.

Guess what I had for breakfast the next day?

Dinner later on?

When I ran out of burritos I still had a serving of sauce left, so I made my own, home made quesadilla, and dipped IT into the rest of the sauce so as not to waste a single drop.

I'll be headed to Del Taco again soon.

You think maybe I post too much about food? what?

If so it's because they are usually complaints. No complaint here - just green burrito deliciousness and red sauce dippin' heaven.

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