Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I DO like winter, I do, I do, I DO

The forced heat system has been inop for about 3 weeks. Yup since just after the snow and ice days.
For this I am most grateful.
However, the wimp in me is sneezing and shivering as the house grows increasingly colder from accumulated 30 degree nights.
So this morning I dug out my little space heater from the days of working in a place with women who were always UNBEARABLY HOT [I shouldn't speculate as to why - I just know I was always freezing and needed a space heater under my desk]
It's not doing much for the living room which is open to the kitchen and dining room, but I've also left the laundry room open since the dryer is on, and I turned on the oven. I'll either warm up or explode.

It should work well in the bathroom long enough for me to brave a shower as it is still 35 outside.

Yes, I love cold weather, but it's true, I have to be cozy and comfy inside to get the day started, then I can head out. So demanding, huh?

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