Monday, November 29, 2010

to do

Totally untrue, but it's a worthwhile goal!
I have three weeks now to study for my AAPC exam.
I'm working part time for the church and it is the GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD.
Naturally I wish it were a bit closer, as I developed allergies to commuting when I left California, however, it is still all worth it.
Co-workers are amazing. The atmosphere just can't be topped - heh, coming from an auto dealership where my boss saved me from a rubber room by allowing me to work at home, the atmosphere is unbelievable!
I'm already closer to the women I work with than I have been with anyone I've met in the 5 years I've lived here.
Off on Mondays so I am trying to clean house and get back on study schedule.

We have a new [pre-owned] cat. Gwendolyn.
She is, of course, loveable and adorable .... curled up on the couch next to me right now.
Earlier she found the pink light up ball I bought for her and tired her poor little self out chasing it around the house.
Seems she needs a lot of sleep. heh.
Seems she needs and GETS whatever she wants, really.
It's an amazing, quiet day here. One I sorely need.
Yesterday was a bit traumatic. Had an incident and had to leave in the middle of Sacrament meeting. But got a blessing before I left, then my son drove me home and went back. He even let my nursery group know so they wouldn't wonder if I'd just disappeared.
Spent most of the day much like that cute little cat, laying on the couch in and out of sleep, catching bits and pieces of old movies ...
Today I review coding and medical terminology and have big plans for a tomato and cheese sandwich with a persimmon or two at 5:00... heh, ain't life grand when it can be a great day so easily!

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