Monday, November 29, 2010


Queen Gwendlyn
New to us, she belonged to a young friend now at BYU, whose younger sister is allergic. We had a black, long haired cat many years ago in Cali, but upon the advice of my daughter's pediatrician, gave her away. We have asthma and though not specifically allergic to cats, he felt dander exacerbated her attacks.
My daughter was at the time being hospitalized 2-3 times every year so it was an easy choice, but we've missed having a pet and if you remember my posts from two years ago ... the perilous adventures of Gidget the australian shepherd pup .... we just are not cut out to be dog people.
Our home is much larger than the Cali house and my daughter's asthma much improved ... so if and when she comes back from school and visiting the grandparents [Idaho-ifornia], I think her and the kitty can cohabitate just fine.
Meanwhile my son and I have a blast pretending to fight over her and sneaking her away from one another. He has the entire upstairs of the house and I the first level ... we aren't often home at the same time, but it's funny. Yep, we're goofballs.
And we love little Gwen.
Grateful to the family to gave her to us and especially to MichaelAnn :))

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