Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

I did make pumpkin pie from actual pumpkin once. It was not as delicious as the millions-and-millions I've made using canned pumpkin.
And no, I didn't make it from a used pumpkin that had been a jack-o-lantern the night before as we once tried to do when we were kids.
But the pumpkin, was, alas, a decorative pumpkin, INTENDED to be used as a jack-o-lantern and therefore tasted differently than a pie pumpkin.
Want more info on the difference? Check out "The Truth about Pumpkins".
So, I use canned. And any brand will do.
Anytime I see it on sale, year-round... I buy it. Aside from Marie callendar's sour cream lemon, pumpkin is my favorite pie.
I do also buy the necessary canned milk whenever I see it on sale. It has a fairly long shelf life and can sometimes be found in the clearance section.
What I discover once in a while as I drag out my mixing bowl and pie pans, is that I forget whether it's sweetened condensed milk or evaporated and seem to have an equal supply of both.
So I tested it this past week.
Using my exactly identical pie recipe, I made one batch with evaporated milk and the required sugar.
I made the other using the canned sweetened condensed milk and left out the sugar.
No difference in the texture, baking time or resulting deliciousness.
Hmmm .... wonder if I can make pumpkin pie a main course?

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