Friday, July 27, 2012

I don't even know a livi :)

I'm painting my bathroom. woo hoo! The blue painter's tape has been up for, uh - almost three years. I fell off the ladder back then and gave up. Since then, I've stocked up on paint, brushes, rollers, tarps, I've just never given it a go.
But the small round towel hangar started coming loose and rather than screw it back into an unpainted wall, I figured, well - time to get to that painting.
Nothing like a small repair to inspire a huge task!
I've got my vibrams now, so I almost never slip - you all know how clumsy I can be - Grace is so not my middle name!
I also pulled out the extra can of 'romantic isle' my daughter bought to do her bathroom before she left for Idaho a few years ago.
I was about to post it on - heheheh, yeah, Craigslist... but opened it up, because the depiction of the color online seems much bluer than I recall. I always thought it was more of a brightish-purpley-lavender ...
Nope, blue based and beautiful. Decided there is no reason to get rid of it... I'll just use it on the other bathroom, or maybe the downstairs half bath. (No, not my son's... he's more of the grungy gray type)
One last huge step forward - I started writing a short story based on a character I've written about before. Got blocked when I could not remember his nephew's name.
Oh so important. Computer crashed and I cannot find a print copy.
It took me a week, but decided today -
(this is the huge step for it's-got-to-be-right me)
F I C T I O N A L people do not need to stay consistent.
It's not as if he's been published or anyone has ever read it. Only me!
So onward, ever onward -
I just keep chuckling and thinking of McGhee on NCIS and wonder if there are real people I'm forgetting that are very similar to the fictional characters -
still, unless a miracle occurs and it would be published, the real people can never recognize themselves like Tony, Abby and Livi, oops I mean, Ziva.... hahahaha

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