Sunday, September 25, 2011

Now I can sleep

holy cartidgeless fountain pen batman - I've been LITERALLY holding my breath since Friday class when our first GRADED writing assignment in Comp/Rhetoric was to have been returned.
My first thought, as I opened the returned e-mail document attachment was that he negelected to read it.
hee.... tell me how many literary rules I've broken and I'll bake you a fresh batch of cookies!
I am ecstatic to report; My professor has deemed my essay ... no, not an A plus plus, close enough to light the cigar if I smoked however ....
You have an interesting story. Please consider some vague language and sentence clarity at times. Some transitions would help as well. I noticed much improvement. Grade: A-
I assume he really means please consider avoiding vague language and improving sentence
clarity - heh
Hardest task for ADD-me - if any of you have read more than one post you know that all too well already!
My mind races at the speed of \quad c^2 (s-t)^2 - (x_1-y_1)^2 - (x_2-y_2)^2 - (x_3-y_3)^2 ....
If I could type as fast as I think, I could have imploded the internet single handedly ... well, ok ... double-handedly. No cute kittens required!
It is my biggest challenge to stay focused on ONE THOUGHT long enough to write or converse coherently - so I do read and re-read and re-read again, but usually by third post edit I have lost complete interest and am thinking about a BRAND NEW SHINY BRIGHT subject that has no rules or parameters much less any edits or cohesiveness yet....
Pleased as punch however, I shall indeed put forth my best, BETTER effort for this week's descriptive essay. And in all kindness, will go with the amusing, interesting, lighthearted selection, rather than the life changing, somber, he'll also never forget once I've detailed it selection :D
I can now sleep soundly.

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