Monday, August 15, 2011

not so a blog about nothing!

I was reviewing some older posts and realized I blogged about my coding presentation and a little about the presentation I had to give in second semester español but have not even mentioned financial accounting.

Despite the fact that I got an incredibly late start and was having to complete nearly a chapter a day to complete the course in time … I was doing well, and right on the cusp of B-A as far as grade goes.

Then I went to the syllabus one more time to ensure I had completed all of the ‘extra credit’ the professor had assigned. [This could send me from an 88.9 to a 90 thereby giving me the “A” I so adore]

Uh – what was this? Term assignment? Hadn’t noticed that there before…Clicked in.

Jumpin’ o’jay jury – it was a full on term project requiring a huge amount of research and due in less than a week.

How long has it been since I’ve called my home teacher for H E L P ?!?!?

OK, then how ling has it been since I’ve called my home teacher for help and he has been able to help? Because I usually need a repair of some kind that no one knows how to do. Whew, well, ok then. I called.

He’s… an accountant!

Going out of town with his son that very afternoon for a hockey semi-pro somebody scouting the kid thingamajig and will be gone almost a week. OH NO!

Luckily, his older son is 'home' interning for the summer. He’s a BYU accounting major. Whew.

He quickly helped me chunk it our into workable portions so I could get it completed in time. And all I had to figure out was writing a full page.

Heh . Me? Write a full page just to say nothing?

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