Tuesday, August 09, 2011

my little visit to the sistine chapel

My second semester beginning spanish summer classes required that I research a 'vacation', plan all the details and document cost, required for travel items and find photos on the internet. Then, keep a 10-day 'journal' of the trip as if I had actually visited, and create a power point display to present to the class.
I chose Romá!

I learned so much about Rome, even needing to know how long it would take to walk from my hotel to certain spots, or what cab fare would be if I called one... and even, the train schedule to get me to the airport on time to meet an international flight!
I also learned about the food, people and tourist sites.
ha - I also learned, think in spanish to write simpler sentences, instead of writing it all in english then trying to translate using second semester beginning spanish skills.
After it's all over and done, I have to share this with you - because though my family travels quite a bit, I've never gone with - and yep, I missed out on actually seeing the Sistine Chapel as a teenager.
The link is incredibly slow to load - but OH! so worth it.
It's below, I just have it broken up or my blog page would never load.
Copy and paste it into notepad or something then remove the "░"s. Then you can paste it into your browser.

It's interactive.
I am telling you, unless you've been there it will knock your socks off!


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