Thursday, August 11, 2011


Our temporary intern has moved out and little Gwendolyn notices his absence.

I didn't see him too much in the few weeks he was here. He did after all, just say he needed a place to sleep. But it seems my little Gwen became quickly a-smitten.

Last night she was placated somewhat when I began calling her Gwendolyn instead of just Gwen.

sigh - cats are almost as persnickety as ... uh, me!

She was quick to remind me that now that school is over - my final was last night - I need to make time for morning treadmill again.

um, yeah ... that's dust on the treadmill and the stepper... it has been since summer III classes began that I've even remembered my name much less exercised. Good thing for dances o rImight never have gotten up from my homework desk.

I had an odd void in time this morning when I woke up and didn't have homework to attack. heh - I actually got laundry done, ate a real piece of fruit and went out into the yard.

Ten days until fall semester begins. I'm taking a full load so we shall see - - - it won't be crammed into six weeks time as summer courses were, though.

I expect it to be awesome!

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