Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Blonde Roots

Four years ago when I was just joining the church we had these awesome elders who were seemingly here all the time.
*shrug* OK, so I didn't know there are organized follow up discussions and visits they like to have with new members. We had some great chats and they always only answered what I asked or initiated in the conversation.
I guess I say that because I have some non member friends who still worry there is weird brain washing involved in becoming a member of the church.
No. It's just a decision. For me after a lifetime of prayer and more than a few mistakes.
But as usual, I digress.
I was going to mention one of these elders in particular because he taught me two important values.
Nay ► instilled in me two essential attributes which have kept me going through unbelievable situations.
How is this pertinent to this post?

A post titled "Blonde Roots"?
The virtue this young man had - and mind you, he never said "YOU should do this..." it was simply in a conversation or two when an issue arose, he would shrug or smile and say, 'What I have realized, is that I am not able to choose what others may say or do, I can only choose how I will react to them; And I have committed to choosing, never to be offended.'
to a choice.
A choice to never be offended.
I wanted that freedom as well.
I've done my best to adopt this principle into my life. ₪ It has enriched my life immensely.
I do not think I allow myself to be mistreated.
I know mistreated. I survived an abusive marriage.
I also do not think it's made me weak.
I know weak also.
I think it's made me stronger and helped me become a better person.
I'm on the road to better in a lot of ways, and one is to return to blogging, and not be worried about who reads my posts.

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Angie said...

That's definitely a great attribute to have. It's one I need to work on myself. Thanks for an inspiring post!