Thursday, October 21, 2010

La Petite Costco

Remember La Petite Boulangerie?
It was a maaaahvelous little bakery that cropped in in California in the 80's ... selling bread, rolls, croissants and every variation of croissant you could imagine ... my personal favorite, the cream cheese croissant ... that is, beyond the regular old 'plain'.

They were perfect I tell you. Surely, each one however, individually responsible for a pound of the 35 lbs I gained in the late 80's.

In the past few months, I just lost 30 lbs, so guess what I craved today?

Yep... a croissant.

No more La Petite, but I stopped at Costco on my way home from Willow Place.

Funny how life changes so much that you go from thinking it's ok to pay $2.85 for ONE croissant to pondering who to split the package with so I don't waste money since I'm spending $6.00 on a dozen.


Well guess what?

I took one out to eat as a late breakfast as soon as I got in [yeah, I know it's noon, the day started early].

It was as perfectly delicious and crisp outside, soft inside as I remember La Petite's being. Can't always say that about Costco croissants. I must have gotten a fresh, fresh batch.

Let's hope I find someone to share them with fast so I don't keep the other 11 and put those pounds back on!

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Hey it's just Jeff and Amy said...

Croissants are my most favorite bread :)