Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I posted a bit ago about a gecko in the house. And its demise.
Guess what?
Got home last night and there was another one in my bathroom. This one was just stepping out of the glass shower [smart enough to know the tub doesn't have hot water right now] and was pretty much the same size as the other.
Still, I initially thought it was a spider as it moved oh so slowly to hide itself from me behind the squeegee.
I moved quickly and stealthily out of the bathroom to get my son, because he's oh so much braver and larger than me, a requirement for a 1 inch animal hunt.
It was still in the same spot when he came in, but being 20, he had no plan. He has male thinking, or non-thinking and simply squatted down to reach for cold imagine and went directly in to the large closet I have behind my bathroom.
Flashlight and removing everything from the floor did nothing, it was likely on the wall. It's too big a room to remove everything.
It was late, the lad had homework and I needed to go to bed.
As if I would be able to sleep with a gecko in my room.
True, I could close the closet door, then the bathroom door and it would be two rooms away. . .
Have I mentioned panic and anxiety?
I went online looking for tips and got sticky trap suggestions.
[I'm not living with a gecko in the house no matter how many people think it's good luck, no matter how many bugs they eat ..... They live for 5 years. Do you know how big it would be in 5 years?]
So I lay out strips of face up lint roller outside the closet door and tried oh so very hard to sleep.
I must have, but woke at 4:45, early even for me.
Fist thing I did was check the sticky.
I crept slowly around the bathroom and something INSIDE the shower moved.
I quickly closed the glass door and ran to the laundry room.
In a recent relocation of products all bug sprays and 'chemicals' had been taken to the garage.
I grabbed the closest thing and ran back in to the bathroom. Stepped up on the side of the tub and reach up over the glass shower enclosure, pouring the dark substance in like a speedy whirlpool.
Got it.
Unsure if it was dead or just stuck unable to move in a mire of laundry detergent, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a mason jar.
*shrug* I've given up canning salsa anyway.
Called for my son to come down again - quickly.
Bless that lad, he did.
He scooped it up, sealed it in the jar and took it right out for Waste Management Disposal.


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