Thursday, September 23, 2010

but it was on sale

Hi my name is dallas, and I used to be a semi-compulsive shopper.
That said ... am I the only one who has recently tuned in to the television program "Hoarders"?
Oh, I was never anything like those people depicted on TV, [bet they think that as well] but given the declining health of some of those folks I can just about see how it might begin.
A friend of mine went back to work recently and stated that having gained 30 lbs in the past 5 or so years, she had nothing to wear. And having not worked for 5 years, she had no clothing budget until she worked for a while.
I looked at her petite size, wondering where she was stashing these 30 lbs, shrugged and said I'll be by this afternoon if you don't mind a few things I have to get you started.
Mind you I already spent most of last spring cleaning out closets. Had a huge garage sale, hauled bags down to goodwill and dropped a lot off and those tiny corner donation spots.

I stepped in to my closet - I'm pretty good at assessing a size, and pulled out a dozen outfits, 5 of which still had tags. One, was a complete suit. [Bought on clearance of course, but still... you see the problem]
These were outfits that no longer fit me, purchased when I myself was not only waaaaay smaller but living in California. I hauled them out here with me so apparently I've been clinging to hope that I will one day fit back in to them.
Did you follow that woman who went a month only wearing six items? Doesn't seem too difficult. Only a month.
All that clothes money could be put to much better use anyway. It's really just a different form of gluttony.
I gave up shopping, now I'm determined to let go of the things I'm holding on to.
I'm not preaching living like an ancient monk. I just spend wiser. Plus, as I've said I'd rather go to the opera a few times than see a lot of bad movies.
It was just a little embarrassing that I could whip out so may clothes - that can NEVER happen again!

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