Friday, August 27, 2010


Einstein Bagels saved my life today.
Ok, well, really their cranberry bagel was just the icing on the livesaving cake, but nonetheless.
I enjoy a lifesaving day.. don't you?

Y'all know I'm recovering from surgery three or so days ago.
Seems the surgi strips and I don't get along.
So the doc told me to remove them.
Seems pretty cut and dry that is what was wrong.
The areas of irritation are shaped oh so much like surgi strips squares.
I'm just already tired and bored of being home and being swollen and not being able to drive.
My son came in for a quick few minutes between classes and work and brought me a cranberry bagel.. yay for the the soft chewy (still warm) yumminess.
I do not want to hear bad patient or impatient or any other such criticism. I know it'll just be a little while more until I'm better. It just suddenly seems as if I am waiting for every second to tick.
Perhaps a good time to investigate updating the template :D

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