Monday, April 19, 2010

don't wanna be breakfast

Woke up at 4:00 AM thinking perhaps I was worried about the lad starting his road trip after all. He and the roommates are leaving California and heading back to Idaho this morning... early, early this morning.
I chuckled to myself thinking naw, maybe it's just that I had an awesom
e Sunday nap yesterday.
Still, I got up, puttered a bit and was about to crawl back into bed when I realized .... I'd gotten up to save my very life!
I think was about to be on the menu!
A few nights ago I'd spotted a nickel sized spider above the window but by the time I got up it was gone.
It was back!
I grabbed the vacuum and quickly pulled out the extension and hose and sucked it up and as I turned, there on the adjacent wall - was a second spider!
It tried to run, likely it was the one carry the bbq sauce to lather on me. But I got it, and yes, left the vac on 5 min more, vacuuming up as much more random debris as I could find around to make sure they were pummelled to death inside the canister :D
[thanks to mascowbell for the pic]

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