Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I was tagged by the fabulous Tiffany Aller for a Pretty Mama's MeMe -

What I do, is tell you about five things that start with "Before I was a mom...".
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well! -- I'll tell y'all right now - I'll bribe everyone I tag -- to tag me back, that's how hard it is for me to get a compliment of 'pretty'.
Name your price; lemonheads, hot tamales, red vines. . .
Yeah, yeah, of course, I KNOW all mom's are gorgeous or they wouldn'ta been picked to be a mom to such heavenly little babies.

Here goes:
Before I was mom, I had no idea what a hard time I gave my poor mm. I was a pretty good kid. I listenened, was quiet, mostly, I blindly obeyed - but when I didn't - - - I didn't. Oh mama! I am so sorry. I should have washed dishes on my dish night. I shouldn't have complained about going to bed before Alfred Hitchcock. I should never had said NO and certainly know now I wasted a lot of hours in useless argument over nothing important.

Before I was mom, I had no idea how quick and stealth a toddler could be . . . mine are far past that stage, but my favorite stories are of baby girl whizzing by like a blur. Me, wondering . . . 'what was that?', and not always checking, until it was too late. Findindg her barricaded behind her door having taken makeup from my room, one item at a time and covered herself in eye pencil, lipstick, applied blush to the walls . . . sigh. . .

Before I was mom, [of teens] I believed in a budget. Unexpected expenses? Poor money management I used to say. Kids cost more as they get older. Hogwash. What could cost more than diapers and toys and baby food and KINDERCARE! gulp - oh, I see.. .

Before I was mom, I had a clean house. My laundry was done on time and the car went to the car wash on a regular schedule. And no one ever had to dig fries out from under the seat! we're well past the eating fries stage now, everyone eats better than that but oh the years my car smelled like fast food- ugh!

Before I was mom, life was sad and lonely sometimes. I would never have known this wonderful joy that is real love if I hadn't become a mom. So even though he marriage didn't work out [I know in the past I've complained, but truly, it's all in the past and just no longer matters] - if I hadn't been married, I would not have my awesome and amazing kids. . .

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