Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I'm not Lost

For the umpteenth time, yeah, I know, I haven't posted in a while... 
I work nights now and still have not gotten used to it. The rest of the world still expects me during their hours of operation.
I'm not able to work today (tonight) but anxious and wide awake. Bored with Facebook, refuse to watch mind numbing middle of the night television and though have time set aside for scripture study thought I'd check up on my page.
I recently discovered a site that fascinates me. 
Project Gutenberg
In accompanying our new Sunday School class, it was suggested reading, "Jesus The Christ", as we studied. In a current negative balance, I was searching for the least expensive copy available.
I found it available online at Project Gutenberg.
The entire book! 
My original thought was to add a banner to my blog page, but haven't been able to actually view my blog. I keep getting automatically redirected to a lame page.
[I have asked for help at the blogger help forum.]
I'm reviewing the Project Gutenberg site for opportunities to volunteer.
What a remarkable idea, it's led me to search for others.
Book Without Borders! Another amazing site.
Reading and learning. Hoping my GoodReads link is still on my page. Other than work, one could see what I'm up to via my list of to read, reading and read.
Here's hoping you find Project Gutenberg as interesting as I did.
Happy New Year All!

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