Monday, May 06, 2013

Wear the noodles

What noodles?
The Mother's day noodles you know you're getting if your kids are under the age of 10.

Mother's day. 
Sigh, when did it become a day to force a spouse to buy you a gift. That is just plain stupid. 
Selfish and stupid. It's a day to honor YOUR Mother. 

So, your kids are too young? Then involve them in doing good for their grandma, they'll grow up learning how to celebrate the day and will WANT to do something for you when they have a talent, a job and income or skills to actually do something nice that will be meaningful.
Ugh, the number of people I've spoken to that are worried about not finding the right gift for their wife, or having to make multiple purchases so a "thing" can be given from each one of kids-too-small to have to worry themselves with anything more than putting their handprint in colorful paint on a sheet of construction paper.
When else will you get to wear noodles around your neck.
Which kid ever said, oh mom. I didn't really want you to war that.
Not one. 

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