Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm all aloooooone

For the first time since early February - no one is here except ... me.
And little Gwen of course >^,,^<
We've been renting out bedrooms to help pay bills.
Believe me, standards to move in are incredibly high.
And yet, we seem to get burned by every renter.
Not just on the financial end, and I do not even mean to count our family friend who technically is just that, a family friend.
Though - on the financial end - I keep looking in the mirror to see if there is indeed a tattoo on my forehead that reads; naw, you don't really need to pay your rent, I'm renting out rooms in my home because I just LIKE it. Whatever.
We've had renters make an unbelievable mess in our home.
Some refuse to clean.
Some think because there is a second living room upstairs they are within a shield of invisibility and under a dome of silence and use it as a personal make-out room.
Good gravy man.
So tonight, though I know next week I will not have groceries - I rejoice - because I can put my pajamas on, walk through my kitchen in them, and leave my bedroom door open if I want to.
And since I like little Gwen to come in if she wants to - I do!

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