Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Baby Sweet

Googling the words, Be Sweet, I was amazed at how many handcrafted yarn products popped up.
Seems Be Sweet is a popular name for homemade knitted and crocheted items.
Most laid out like little dessert treats.
Including these adorable little goodies.
Oh yeah - those may look like little sweet treats, but they are baby hats.
I can't knit.
I can't crochet.
My mom crochets and attempted to teach me, sort of, once.
I created the most fabulous baby blue and white, er, shoelace for a giant with a size 845 foot.
That it, I could not grasp . . . connecting . . . the yarn to make anything other than an endless single chain ... but I kept that chain up until I ran out of yarn.
Quite disappointing.
The crochet lessons never resumed.
I've pondered finding a do-it-yourself DVD or online tutorial to learn kitting.
Perhaps when I'm a grandmother ....
Anyone taught themselves?
Is it feasible? Anyone want to offer knitting lessons?

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