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I might perhaps mebbe oughta think about changing Miracle Monday to Miracle Moments …. Simply because I lack the assiduousness to actually post ON a Monday. Nonetheless, I’d like to share another one of those Miraculous Moments with you.

This is what happened one wintry day when the sister missionaries asked if I would take them to the Temple since it was a ‘snow day’.
Schools here were closed and the ‘high five’ freeway overpasses/intersections were closed due to snow and ice.

To begin with, we had always been close to all the missionaries in the wards in our city, beginning when my son began investigating until over a year after we all were baptized. So much so, that when my son left for college in Idaho it was extremely difficult on me to not be able to have the missionaries over for lunch or dinner.
But then, we were assigned sister missionaries and it was easier to visit with them. (If you’re reading this and are unfamiliar with LDS missionaries, they are assigned to areas in pairs and male missionaries can not visit in the home of a female member – me – unless a male family member is home. Since I am not married (divorced before I became a member), when my son left I lost the only male family member I had and could not have the missionaries visit, unless they stopped an chatted on the porch.

It was quite bolstering to have sister missionaries. I love the wonderful spirit they bring into the home and their strength and fortitude to stay on the right path.

This one cold, cold day, they telephoned to if I would drive them to the Temple. Seems it was too cold for them to be out tracting, they had no immediate appointments and had received permission to go. I said, OF COURSE. I love the Temple and it’s always a joy to have someone to go with.

They drove here since they did have an evening appointment to go to after we returned. I drove a little Suzuki Aerio at the time, but since it was so ICY… I decided to take my son’s vehicle, a small SUV which has 4-WD.

I slid around a little even before getting out of the neighborhood. I was almost to the major street that would take us to the freeway, when I needed to stop for oncoming traffic. I carefully and ice-weather appropriately placed my foot on the brake. But we did not stop. Instead we SLID and spun right out on to that main street.

Fortunately, oncoming vehicles were also traveling at a reduced speed. I was able to regain control of the vehicle, we pulled over to the side, saying a silent prayer and then an audible communal prayer.

Now… I had not driven my son’s car for about 4 months. My daughter, still living at home then, did not drive and I normally just drove my own car. His had been parked and unused for a bit, but it usually had better control in the snow and ice.

After our prayer, off we went, ever so slowly.

We did not get on that ramp to take the freeway. We took the side roads for a conversation-packed, car heater on high, stop at every stop sign and intersection 2 hour trip to Dallas. It was relatively fun.

Once there, we enjoyed our temple visit and took the same side-street route back home. By the time we pulled into the subdivision, it was dusky, almost evening!

The sisters had a scheduled appointment not far away, so off they went.

About a month later, I was headed in to one of the dealerships where I worked to pick up my work. (I worked for two dealerships but worked at home)

I decided to get the oil changed in my son’s car to have it ready for him to drive when he did get back. (Greatest job perk ever is having car maintenance done at little or no cost).
I got to the dealership, parked under the service awning and left my key with my boss, telling him what I wanted done.
I then went upstairs to the accounting office.

I was up there chatting when my boss poked just his head in the door and said – uh, have you been driving this car?
His face was PALE.
What? I asked? No, it’s my son’s car. I’ve only driven it a few times. (thought he was going to tell me it didn’t NEED the oil changed – he can be even more frugal than me – hahaha)
“Did you have any trouble getting here today?”
Again, I replied, no…

But then I hesitated, thought for a second and said, well, not today – but the LAST time I drove it, I slid on the ice leaving the neighborhood, but then I was fine all the way to Dallas and back.
He stepped all the way in and I was startled to see that he was even more pale.
“You drove all the way to Dallas and back home? …. in this car? …. in the ICE?!??!”

Ok, uh - now he had my attention.
What was wrong? I needed to know what he was getting at.

Seems he’d gotten in to the car to drive it forward about four feet into a service bay and it would not STOP. It took two techs running over to help him just to stop the car. NO BRAKES.
I mean no brakes.
The brake line had severe damage that resulted in failure, which of course, means NO BRAKES.

I was in the right place to get it fixed – how I got there safely that day can only be described as a miracle.

As for three women out on busy, icy roads on a 50-miles round trip. Blessings and a miracle afforded us to be able to attend the Temple that day.

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