Monday, September 19, 2011

gunk mire muck

As if there is any question as to why I am single...
If is all too often I remark to a co-worker, classmate or friend .... Hmmm... this would reason number (today it’s reason #4,687 ) and laugh about something outrageous I’ve done or said.
Just now?
I messaged someone I’ve been enjoying chatting with on a singles site and used the term bovine sludge.
Should I explain?
There is always (to me) a logical course of thought process.
The abundance of rain we had yesterday left a huge flooded area in the school parking lot.
I DID drive through it to obtain a prime parking spot.
The flooded area reminded me of my California commute and the oh so very many times I would escape the 60 freeway stress by taking side roads through Chino Hills dairy land.
Dairy land trekking was tolerable on a good day only with operating A/C. On a rainy day – well, I tried not to ever let it happen.
The one time I did, rain water permeated with aforementioned bovine sludge rose up to mid door level and seemed to penetrate every modicum of the vehicle. Despite the continued heavy rain for another 25 miles, I was forced to stop at a drive through car wash and
spray it off before even considering pulling the car into my garage for the night.
Yes, this is a map showing that daily grueling and lengthy drive.

I had posted it once before when writing about the mastodon stationed at the Jurupa Cultural Center in Riverside.

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