Saturday, September 17, 2011

College Success

My 24 year old engineering-student co-worker told me last week, in an almost double dog dare you manner - oh, you're taking 'college success'. I give you a week.
At the time I thought.. .. ..what? do you KNOW the things I have survived?!? Endured?!?
Aside from past poor personal choices, I've worked with some of the biggest *cough* on the planet... some of the temp jobs I've had *cough* uh, no I won't mention the color of the hat society ....
that reminds me of a recent post asking for favorite movie quotes.
From the movie
Two Week's Notice
" I think you are the most selfish human being on the planet."
"Well that’s just silly. Have you met everyone on the planet?"
So, true, I may not have worked with the biggest jerks, tightwads, a**----s on the planet, but remembering one (supervisor) that used to make me pick him up 30 miles away and give him a ride to and from work every day with no gas reimbursement, lend him money for lunch without ever repaying and then make improper advances .... well, you get the picture.
College Success is supposed to be a course that teaches incoming college students, among other things, effective and efficient study skills.
It also should teach time management, test taking skills, learning style, and motivation strategies to build self-confidence and IMPROVE success in college.
As an older student returning to college after having left under inexplicable circumstances in my youth, it seemed optimum for me.
Three days in I discovered that perhaps the college I am attending uses that program as an alternative to rubber room assignment as a way of dealing with depraved, unscrupulous instructors.
M*rilyn Rice, the woman who led the class (I will not permit her the title of teacher) was degrading, insulting and the very definition of DE-motivation.

20 minutes into her tirade of questioning whether we had brains, I stood up, gathered my things and walked out.

I had to stop on the way out as she actually asked if I was leaving.

I had to struggle to keep from replying in a sarcastic angry tone since this what what she had been dishing out, it was difficult to keep my nice on. I did. I did stop over exaggeratedly and look at her and the class, then tilt my head as if deeply pondering the question before I responded.


My withdrawal paperwork clearly states my dissatisfaction with her and the details, though surely she is aware of her disparagement.

To help me keep my 4.0 and perhaps possibly allow knowledge to absorb my rock solid dura mater ... I've found this gem.

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