Thursday, August 04, 2011

pardon me, but your html is showing

Likely I do not need to preface this post with a statement of behavioral explanation. However, in case you hadn't noticed... I am easily distracted when multi-tasking darkens my doorstep.
I was unexpectedly home yesterday waiting on washer repair and opted not to spend the extra time just doing homework and tidying up, but to revisit the blog.
I began my post and in true if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie style, noticed many gadgets missing from the sidebar.
This reminded me that prior to
the April 2010 post in which I ‘erased’ years of entries I DID copy everything from my template, in an organized, separated and notated document so that I could easily find and reinstall any one element if I needed to.
I was quite pleased that I had also copied every single post into a word document, reformatted each one to be printable and saved them, so that once I had the printer reinstalled I could print and save them like a journal, as I had done with my previous blogs.
Ah ….

Yes ....
.... then came the crash of 2011.
First my desktop crashed. Two weeks later, my brand new laptop crashed.
The laptop where all of these documents were stored.
Begin again then.
And I did… however, as I said, I was easily distracted by a pretty shiny blog offering free templates with equally shiny instructions on the ease with which they could be installed.
I copied my old template as blogger advised and ran with it.

Oh it was going to be pretty darn cute.
This is what it looked like.

And then it took 4 hours to correct.
When I tried to revert, I got messages that html was open, arbitration was missing … some I do not even recall. Message help boards made my head want to explode.
But yes, I finally got it back together.
And hopefully will remember the agony of my html showing if I ever decide I need to try to be cute again.

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