Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's like living with a college kid - yeesh

I've traded places with my son this week ... and he doesn't like it one bit.
That is,
I've taken on some of his, shall I say, uh - negative personality traits.
It took him a few days ... not to catch on ... he would never have figured out [men, even young men, need to be told such things], still I had to tell him a dozen times or so for 4 days straight before he, I guess... believed me.
Let me give you just a few examples; he came in one night and said, what's this jacket laying on the stairs?
I replied, "Oh, I used it to go get the mail".
He looked puzzled but it wasn't till the next day when it was still there that he said, mom are you just wearing this jacket now?
It's one of his old jackets and rather unsightly.
"No", I simply said.
Finally, day three and he looked at me and said mom, why is this jacket still out?
"Huh?" I said. "Is it?" and walked past.
Mom, what's going on?
"Remember ... I am you this week. So I am waiting for the jacket fairy to hang it up".
He still left it there.
I ate dinner before he got home one day and got up from the table, leaving my plate and glass there.
He came home hours later and went to the kitchen to warm something up.
Mom, are you still eating? he asked.
"No, I was done hours ago."
Oh, cuz your plate is still here on the table, he said.
"Is it?"
He looked at me and shrugged.
Later the same night he was assembling something and asked me to hand him a tool.
"Oh no, I'm too tired" I told him.
He said oh yeah, you're trying to be me this week.
I don't like it mom. I don't like it.
"I don't like it either", I said, as I rolled to the floor and called for the cat.

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