Monday, October 04, 2010

not in my u-niverse

Had to call ATT tonight about the cell phone. Specifically, about the fact that I hadn't used the phone since about 2:00, to send a txt, and when I checked it later about 8:00, it was on an internet page.
I don't pay for data so I was slightly panicked.

How long had it been on that page? Obviously since it clicked in accidentally when I took it out of my pocket on the way home from the laundromat [laundromat, another ridiculous story].

Was I being charged for data usage those 6 hours?


She worked it all out for me, but I had to listen to her endless questions,
who was my cable provider, how many television sets did I have ... all leading up to ... a sales pitch for ATT U-verse.

I laughed out loud.

As I said no thanks, but never.

She had to ask why.


My son works for UPS. He returns a minimum of 25 a day from people in this city who have tried it and hate it and want out of their contract.

He usually hears more from the customer than he cares or needs to.

Generally when shipping a package, pertinent information is destination and payment method.

I tell him it's his sympathetic face.

Nonetheless this ATT rep was certain she could convince ME to give it a try.


She insisted that in the three years they've been around they have experienced growing popularity.

Not in this city I assured her.

Completely unrelated, but this reminds me of the hilarity of a Time Warner tv commercial we see for self installation packages.

No fee, they say for self installation.

uh - duh ... not only should there NOT be a fee when they are asking me, the client to install it for them, they should oh, offer a free month or reduced rate on an upgrade to expanded service.


Does anyone just still watch tv through their tv?

Remember antennas? We even had a few fancy schmancy type. I remember a round one we even brought with us five years ago when we moved to Texas from Cali. At least I think it was for the tv ... might have been for the STEREO system.
Crazy, huh, used to have a tape deck, cd player, RECORD PLAYER and of course an amp. Speakers the size of a small car.
Why'd I bring all that with me? Didn't I already know it was going away? The kids have both given me their discarded old ipods, so technically I have two. And I've downloaded [uploaded?] music to them both... but have never really remembered to use them. I Still bring CD's in the car with me and just listen to the radio or music online.
Guess I can be glad to have not been the generation that had the 8-track.


Julie Musil said...

It's funny you blogged about this. My husband and I bought iPhones from the AT&T store, and the guy kept pitching the u-verse thing. I don't know anyone who has it, and it all sounded very good. would have cost us WAY more per month. No thanks. Glad to know we made the right decision.

It's handy to have a son who works for UPS!

Natalie said...

I've never even heard of U-verse, but good to know it's bad if I ever get a salesperson trying to convince me of it's virtues.