Saturday, October 02, 2010

I'm still up!

I baked cookies today.
The type I long ago got tired of baking because I used to make and sell them as a part time business.
Vanilla macadamia, with milk chocolate chips.
I have to note I refuse to even allow those 'white' chips in my house and taught my daughter never to use them. There is no such thing as white chocolate. Chocolate is cocoa and it is never white. Those so called white chips are just chunks of corn syrup.
Cookie baking for extra income I did and so I got tired of making them for us.
After I stopped it was still a long while before I even made them for friends or parties.
Just the boss, because, well, we all do nice things for a boss that does nice things for us sometimes. Remind me to tell you about the summer I drove without A/C in Texas until he stepped in.
Anwyay, a year and a half has passed so I have, on rare occasion, broken down and made them for our own personal consumption, but I'd try health-ifying them.
Oh, at first I just used that splenda sugar.
Until my daughter told me she'd read a University study of some kind warning of the dangers of splenda. Drat! I'd just bought the full sized bag for baking too.
Luckily, I'd noticed the difference in the cookies - they really weren't as good without real sugar so I gave up that idea after just one batch.
Then I tried using whole wheat flour.
I already use unbleached ... still, whole wheat made them a different confection altogether. More like a biscuit. Too dense.
So I tried switching from real butter to using smart balance spread [it comes in sticks].
Oooh, it's so much more liquidy in baking than butter, I needed some of that whole wheat flour just to thicken it all up again ... but then, it wasn't my cookie recipe.

So today, in preparation for tomorrow's conference and mid-conference lunch, I made a double batch of cookies, with real everything ... oops, almost real everything. I am hold firm to my egg beaters.
And the cookies .... I have already eaten 3.
With a glass of lemonade since I forgot to buy milk.
heh - cookies and lemonade...guaranteed to hype you up and make it impossible to sleep.
If only the washer repairman had actually been able to repair the washer instead of just ordering a replacement computer I could put this hype to better use.
I have already thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and given myself a facial and manicure, sans polish so I can sleep with moisturizing gloves.

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