Friday, September 24, 2010

junk mail

I don't usually even so much as flip through most of my junk mail. I toss it all out.
Unopened. Oddly, yesterday I picked up one item and actually read through it.

In particular, this was a high gloss magazine of ads called Home Upgrades.
Hey, I need fence repair, I thought I'd look at some gorgeous fence alternatives before I called my plain and simple repair guy.
What I found was an article titled "Getting to Know Your Pantry".
Yada, Yada, Yada, I started to read it - bored, because, well, I've been reading home magazines for 30 years.

I scoffed at first when I read her suggestion to 'decant bulk items' into see through containers so that you can do an instant visual inventory, but then I checked the Container Store. They DO sell 50 lb. capacity airtight storage containers for dry food.
Not that I buy anything in bulk any longer but who knew?
Continuing with my reading, I learned that potatoes and onions should never be stored together.
I have always stored them together.
Seems when stored together they emit a gas that causes both to spoil.
Of course I no longer use onions, so this info comes 30 years too late.
Listen up all you onion eaters - TWO BINS.
I was kinda tickled to have learned something from an 'ad' magazine.

Granted, I did not need her advice to keep capers, which are apparently used frequently is circles other than my own, on the bottom shelf for easy access, but it would seem, not every page of junk mail, is junk.


Julie Musil said...

I've never heard that about the onions and potatoes! I always toss my junk mail unread. Maybe I should scan a little bit more.

Rayne said...

I've not heard about the onions and potatoes thing either. Good info.