Saturday, July 17, 2010

ICD9 and apathy

I have a presentation due Monday.

I have to choose a disease, research the signs and symptoms, how the disease manifests itself along with the disease progression, then determine relevant treatment/protocols, and of course include the relevant ICD 9 code.

My instructor sent an e-mail reminder that there are two components to the submission: At least two pages, typed AND a minimum 5 minute presentation.

She hopes we have fun and hopes it is informative.

I had to respond inquiring as to what percentage of our overall grade this presentation represents.
A question I learned to ask from my kids.

Seems it's worth 25%. Which means I would need close to 100% on the other two exams and the final in order to PASS the class without completing THIS assignment.

I've done well, just not that well.

Have I mentioned that prior to taking the class I was struggling with NOT taking the class and wanting to spend 3 times what I have spent on these classes so that I could take it all ONLINE through U of Phoenix or some such place... to avoid leaving my home?
I saw home foreclosure and a transient lifestyle in my future with that choice [have a told you the story of my sister who is a 911 operator and the call about the woman and the dog? no? I will one day when you don't plan on eating...]
Never selectively choosing homelessness I opted to attend the community college and participate in risky may-have-to-present-in-front-of-the-class-behavior. Snarky LOL I'm actually ok - class has gone well.

As usual, Heavenly Father looks after me and the sweetest, kindest, FRIENDLIEST woman was seated next to me first day and has remained with me through all four semesters. She seems to know everyone in the State of Texas, including kids my daughter's age. More important, she has become a BFF, and knows the ins and outs of returning to school when you're aged and the brain had already semi-retired.

As of last class, few of us knew had selected our presentation topic.

I have to admit, I just don't have a lot of interest. I just discovered I can code. It is related to what I used to do. A skill I had and can build on to obtain employment since my dealership closed.
Unfortunately apathy is not a disease or I would use it.
It IS a symptom of Frontotemporal dementia which DOES typically present after age 40 :)

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