Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was lying in bed pondering why I could not go back to sleep.
Baby girl woke me and though I did not initially get to it quickly enough, felt compelled to get out of bed and call her back.
She was calling the the oh so important question of whether I had arranged her campus to airport shuttle transportation for semester end when she is - not coming home, but going to spend her off semester with grandma and grandpa.
I haven't.
And am not about to do so after midnight.
No worry, she just wants to coordinate time with roomies so they can gab all the way to the airport.
Funny thing, as I was lying in bed, I thought about blogging and was trying to condense what I had to say about it all.
But then I remembered.
I can spew and sputter, and say all I want here.
It's only on FB I have to squeeze it down to a paltry 165 characters.
Now if I could just get back to sleep ... ... ...

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