Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As a joke I recently clicked to join as a fan on a facebook page that was something like; 'somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you...'. I know it SEEMED not to make any sense but in the odd family that we are, we remember everything.
Years and years ago I took my kids to a park with a lake, which was highly populated with ducks and geese. They were acting a bit afraid of all the waterfowl running amok, and I said sternly, don't be afraid, they can't hurt you.
To which a goose quickly responded by running up to me and biting me on the back of the ankle.
Wow, and it hurt! Oh gosh did it hurt!
I joined the group just so it would be on my page and I could follow up with a comment that I thought it was a goose, not a duck ....
snarky LOL
me and my humor trying to make my kids laugh.
Turns out neither one visited my page that day.
Sunday I awoke to the sound of quacking. Or so I thought. I shook it off, because...
because I live in Texas ... so the sound of quacking would have to be a delusion.
heh, looked out later that day as I was adjusting the blinds and guess what?
yep, two ducks relaxing under a tree in the front yard.
I grabbed the camera but they flew when I opened the front door.
believe it!

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